By placing an order on Floraland’s website, you are agreeing and accepting our Terms and Conditions.

Order Policy

It is your responsibility to ensure all the requested details are completed and accurate while placing an order. An email confirmation will be sent to your email after full payment received.

In times, we have the right to reject same day delivery order where some flower is not available or unable to slot in the delivery schedule. Hence, we always advise order in advance.

Changes of Order

If you would like to change the flower that you ordered / delivery details / message / etc, all requests must be made at least one day before the intended self collect/ delivery date by contacting us through chat windows or email by providing your Order Number.

Cancellation of Order

Any cancellation order must be requested one day before the intended self collect/delivery date. There is a handling fee of 10% of the amount paid on each refund made. Please contact us through chat window or email by providing your Order Number.

Delivery Policy

Please ensure that you have included the complete and accurate delivery information before payment made. This is to ensure that the recipient is available to receive the flowers when they are delivered. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient will be at the delivery address on the date and time you stated during the order confirmation.

Should our delivery driver encounter any difficulty during delivery, he or she will only wait at the provided address for a maximum of 10 minutes before moving to the next deliveries. In the event that a delivery has to be rescheduled or re-routed, a re-delivery fee will apply.

Delivery to Hospitals

For order which deliver to hospital, please be sure to include the Hospital Name, Full Name of the recipient and Room Number of the recipient. Please note that most of the ICU patients are not permitted to receive flowers. Please always check with the hospital before placing order.

Redirection/Redelivery Policy

Floraland will not accept responsibility for late/non-delivery under the following conditions:

  • Incorrect/incomplete delivery address given.
  • No such person at the delivery address.
  • Recipient not present during stated delivery hours at delivery address. Eg: recipient on leave / MC when delivering to an office address and receptionist refusing to grant access into premises or sign off for him/her.
  • Recipient not picking up the phone to accept the order.
  • No valid contact number given.

For redirection and redelivery of orders, there will be a surcharge of RM 20 per trip. This is if the delivery driver goes straight from the failed delivery attempt at the delivery location to an alternative address.

Should the order be cancelled as a result of the sender not wanting to pay the redirection/redelivery fee, no refund will be given.

If we cannot get in touch with you to rearrange a redelivery date, the bouquet/arrangement will be disposed of after 2 working days (by then, the flowers will no longer be fresh or fit for delivery). No refund will be given.

Lost/Damaged Items Policy

We will make sure that all orders are packed carefully as fresh and nice as when handing to our delivery team. However, it may get damaged in transit due to any other causes beyond our control. Should this occur in the level that you unacceptable, receivers or senders are advised to inform us immediately. Please note that you have to provide us a photo of the damaged flower within 2 hours by contacting our customer service.

Once the delivery order has been signed, we do not bear responsibility for any lost/damaged items. This includes flowers and gifts that are left at the delivery location, such as office receptions, places of business, and home addresses etc.

Return Policy

Please understand that due to the perishable nature of flowers, we are unable to accept returns.

We offer customers refunds or replacement flowers if the flowers are not delivered to an acceptable quality (more than 50% of the flowers are wilted).

Refund Policy

If the flowers delivered/ collected one day before the event date or only sent to receiver on the next day, it is their responsibility to take care of the flower. Kindly note that refund is not acceptance after two hours of delivery order has signed.

Apart of this, we would not take any responsibility where receiver refuses to accept the flower. We will not issue refund to buyer.


Flowers are seasonal. In the event of certain flower types or colours may be unavailable on the specific delivery day. All these mean that recreating the exact bouquet or arrangement pictured on the website may not always be possible. When substitution is necessary, we will strive to ensure that the final bouquet or arrangement closely resembles what you see on the website.

For filler flowers, we will go ahead and substitute with flower types of equal/greater value while ensuring that the look and feel of the bouquet/arrangement remains the same.

But if the focal flowers are unavailable, our team will be able to call to inform you before starting work on your bouquet. We may then suggest a substitution of flowers.

Every effort will be made to maintain size, shape, and overall colour schemes of a bouquet or arrangement, but there may be some variance due to designer interpretation.

Should a certain food item be out of stock, we will replace it with something of equal or higher value. The same applies for products such as a wicker basket or a plush toy bear. We thank you for your understanding in this.

Prices and Payment Policy

All prices stated in ringgit malaysia. We only accept Debit Card or Credit Card with Visa and Mastercard which secured by Senangpay.