Condolence Message Sample for Flowers Arrangement

When someone you know has lost a loved one, it’s natural to want to offer your condolences. It can be difficult to know what to say or write. Messages of sympathy and condolences are often difficult to express, but they are important to convey. They translate your feeling into words.

In Malaysia, one of the most common ways to convey your sympathy is by sending condolences flowers or funeral wreaths with a message card. While flowers can’t take away the pain of losing someone, they are a thoughtful way to show support and let the grieving family know that they are not alone in their grief. It’s a honourable gesture that shows respect, comfort and kindness.

We have put together a lost of commonly used and appropriate condolence messages in English also condolence message in Chinese as a guide.

Sample of Standard Card in English & Mandarin Version
General Message Card- Majority, suitable for all religion, gender and any age.
Christian Condolence Message

Chinese Condolences Messages (中文哀悼慰问短信)